Solar After 1

A beautiful sunny day has risen over the sunshine state! Amendment 1 has gone down and an open solar future has come up. To pass it required 60% of the vote and only garnered 50.78%. Had this misleading piece is legislation passed it is believed that it would have opened the door to fees on homes that use solar power. So we have officially been successful with our Yes on Amendment 4 and No on Amendment 1 campaign. Now the question arises, what to do with our victory? The answer is simple…GO SOLAR!

The potential of solar power is tremendous, the 3rd highest in the entire union, living up to that potential is the obvious path to take. How that is done begins with people going solar at home, then on businesses, and finally community institutions. The more ambitious route is to move towards a 100% renewable city like many have begun, Salt Lake City, UTAspen, CO, among others. Like this movement against amendment 1, it’s success rests with the people. Only through grassroots adoption of solar will fulfill the legacy of this victory. People transitioning from dirty fossil fuels to clean renewable solar power.

Making the move to solar is easy, it begins with getting an assessment from a solar professional to identify the solar viability. With that information it can be determined how much solar can offset the power to your home. What makes the great decision to go solar even better is that we reward you or your favorite environmental organization! Each of us reaching out to each other is how we expand our success against monopoly interests that wish to block the sun. Turning our solar support to solar power is how we will change everything.

Go forth and spread sunshine,
Clifford Mitchem
Independent Energy Advisor
Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide

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