Solar Tizzy

There is a new sheriff in town and the renewable energy industry is in his administration’s cross hairs. Funding for climate research is on the chopping block and the coal interests have a prized seat. Everyone is all worked up into a tizzy. How do we overcome and get through this mess? The answer is simple…GO SOLAR!

Climate research has been going on for the last 30+ years and a weather vane of the growth can be seen through the Cornell University study of Dr. Anthony Ingraffea. He has tracked the number of studies since 2009 (slide 31), the growth shows that research has become sufficient to push action. That is exactly why research funding being cut is small potatoes. Based off of all that has been accumulated we can see that going solar is the solution. However, even supporters of that idea have not gone solar (in large numbers). What will more research accomplish? We are at a point of diminishing returns unless there is action. Further research is a countdown to destruction while going solar is a tourniquet that can stop the bleeding.

Coal is the foundation of energy generation and it is being phased out regardless of what the administration says. Natural gas is supplanting it and its ecological damage and potential is even worse than coal! How to deal with this is to basically cut our losses and go solar. There is sufficient space on the roofs of homes and businesses to easily power communities and cities through virtual power plants, bypassing the utility company and starving industry of its lifeline of rate payers, who that are squeezing further. It is truly a double whammy of taking control of our power and halting the funds to fossil fuels.

There are literally millions of supporters backing clean renewable energy. Namely, those in 20 cities which committed to become 100% renewable! (St. Petersburg Florida is the newest to join) The trouble is that less than 0.5% have solar power on their home or business. If the supporters are not taking advantage of solar how can the masses be expected to or prove to industry folks that solar is the future? We need to accelerate the solar revolution through bypassing the powers that be and go solar on our own! It is a relatively simple transition to using clean energy and it is on par with utility pricing, but has an end date to when there is no more payment. Only through action can future research be justified and the backing of fossil fuels be proven to be antiquated. There is even a reward to you for leading others to solar. Take your power back and stop the tizzy through action!

Go forth and spread sunshine,
Clifford Mitchem
Independent Energy Advisor
Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide

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