CREW, Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide, has set out to decentralize power production by allowing each home to own the switch from the old model of energy production to the new model which empower people. Concentration of power in any system is a recipe for disaster, it’s our philosophy. So we have set out to educate on the option of solar and build a winning relationship by “spreading sunshine” through residential and commercial solar installations.

Residential solar maximizes the benefits of the sun to provide energy and increase property values. A homeowner directly improves the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. A home installation is 5kW which equates to:

15,227 gallons of gasoline saved
18 homes electricity use annually
3,470 trees being planted
48 tons of landfill waste

The property value increase is based on the size of the system. According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory a homes value increases by $20 for every $1 in energy bill savings.

It can also be calculated as $5,911 for each 1 kilowatt (kW) of solar installed according to CleanTechnica, that is $29,555 for a 5kW system.

We at CREW take the incentive even further…as neighbors and friends see the system and ask about it you are able to receive $500 or MORE for referring them and their home becomes solar homes as well!

Commercial solar benefits through a tremendous savings over time along with the environmental savings. The system as a project is streamlined to make the process simple and straightforward. All it takes to prove this is 12 months of utility bills, so you can see years of investment returns. Plus the referral incentives are in place as well!