Solar Viability

Improving our environment is the critical focus that you have and we all strive to support. The most polluting action we engage in is electricity generated by fossil fuels. Through transitioning homes and businesses to rooftop solar power in Florida we can address this constant stream of pollution. The advantages of solar power are tremendous with the most notable being its impact on the environment. In its use the externalities of spills, air pollution, water contamination, and the bureaucracy that has developed around fossil fuels can be eliminated. CREW is providing the option to use rooftop solar to solar power the sunshine state. The main reason that solar has not become more widely used is that very few have looked into solar viability for them.

Perceptions need to change to fit the new reality that solar is not expensive and everyone can play a key role in it. To explain, there are several factors that need to be looked at for viability, such as the size and alignment of the roof, shading or nearby obstructions, and financial savings to determine how profitable solar is for you. An assessment of viability is no charge because showing how we can help the environment just makes sense. This information will answer the question of what more we can do to build the new model, keep our environment clean, and protect our precious ecosystem.

In the state of Florida we have the 3rd highest solar potential and we will live up to that potential through each building that gets solar. This effort in itself must be protected from special interests that know its capabilities. There are groups that wish to curtail its growth through legislation like amendment 1, that intends to block the sun, which we must vote NO on this in November to maximize our solar future.

To encourage greater adoption and look into viability a donation will be made to support your favorite organization so everyone can further protect all that we enjoy. Everything is streamlined and easy, all that is needed is an address and at least a single utility bill to show how much power can be provided through the rays of the sun. Please, let me know what address you would be interested in for solar viability. I look forward to helping you and Eco-Voice protect Florida’s environment.

Go forth and spread sunshine,
Clifford Mitchem
Independent Energy Advisor
Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide

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