Solar Pipeline Solution

In the last 4 weeks there have been 3 pipeline related ecological disasters, then 1 related to a fertilizer plant, all adding to the growing list of pipeline incidents. In Texas a natural gas pipeline burst taking out 15 utility poles and power to nearby residents. In Georgia and Alabama there was a gasoline pipeline that burst spilling 250,000 gallons into the local river. In New Mexico a natural gas line exploded killing 10 people at a camp site. In Florida a fertilizer plant had a sinkhole develop under its “slightly radioactive” retention pond releasing its toxic contents into the drinking aquifer. This all connects to solar energy in that when the new model of solar is used a mentality and understanding of renewable energy and environmental responsibility is fostered and maintained. The reach of which extends beyond the home that chooses to adopt rooftop solar.

The immediate impact of the Georgia and Alabama spill is a $0.20 increase in fuel prices (overnight) and a state of emergency called. However, what is telling about this incident is that the emergency was not that the spill caused ecological damage, but that the fuel prices will increase. It is understandable that this is an emergency and will reverberate through the entire eastern seaboard, it just seems obtuse to overlook the damage to the water and local habitat. Shouldn’t a dual emergency be called at minimum? The emergency simply echoes the focus of the powers that be. A community focused on solar is one that accepts electric vehicles bypassing gasoline, insulating them from fluctuating fuel prices and protecting them by impacting the use of pipelines.

Families camping in New Mexico were killed and the area rocked by the explosion of a 36″ natural gas pipeline. There were 5 adults and 5 children who died as a result along with 2 critically injured adults. Sorrow is the only feeling that arises from such a tragic event, followed by the question of how to avoid a repeat. Natural gas is largely used by the utility companies for power generation and transitioning to distributed power network through rooftop solar eliminates the tremendous flow provided by these types of pipelines.

The Mosaic fertilizer plant is not directly connected fossil fuels, but it is directly related to the fossil fuel mentality and example of conduct. Their pond leaked for a week before announcement and I suppose slightly radioactive is akin to a little pregnant. The lackadaisical response is a direct reflection of the foot dragging clean up and mitigation precedent established by the CONG (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas) industry. A wanton disregard for environmental impact is contagious, the corollary is that respect for the environment and using clean resources is as well. Going solar is that standing testament to environmental responsibility that is required to make lasting change.

The solar solution is seen in all of these tragic incidents specifically the need for environmental responsibility to play a greater role in our lives or allow ecological damage to play a greater role. The decision is up to the individual because the decision to reinforce the status quo is evidently the one made by industry and oversight leaders. There are enough effected and concerned people to make solar the solution to the pipeline problem. A spill to solar is just a welcomed sunny day. There comes a point when enough is enough. We have to make the conscious decision to be good stewards of this world and be the example of environmentally responsible choices. These decisions are not coming from the heads of CONG corporation or heads of state (in a sufficient way). These heads are pushing and allowing legislation that will stifle renewables through Amendment 1 and similar bills. Only the people can provide the support to stop them and lead the example of distributed power. The actions need to be done from the bottom up, from the people most effected by these disasters. We can make the change and the heads will follow. Do your part by using clean renewable power.

Go forth and spread sunshine,
Clifford Mitchem
Independent Energy Advisor
Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide

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6 thoughts on “Solar Pipeline Solution

    1. The biggest reason is covered in my previous post. The quick answer is that people think it is expensive and that only utilities can do it.

      That is just not the case anymore and everyone who owns a home should speak with a professional about their options.


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